Creating a whole,
greater than the sum of its parts

Pragnya Edge

Entrepreneurial and Opportunistic

Pragnya's business and operating model is underscored by its commitment to create value for all stakeholders and seeks to generate superior risk adjusted returns for its investors by being entrepreneurial and opportunistic in its investments.

Ground-up research and sensitive to valuations

Pragnya has been built on a foundation of intellectual capital, industry knowledge and ground-up understanding of the regional and local markets where it invests and operates through research. In doing so, we reflect a focus on safety and downside protection when underwriting and deploying capital – particularly with sensitivity to land valuation and extensive due - diligence on the potential developer partners.

Investment and Execution Capabilities

Pragnya Team has complementary experience and expertise in investing as well as execution. Pragnya Team comprises of professionals with expertise in finance and investing as well as real estate development. This balanced capability enables the team to work closely with developer partners once capital is deployed and attempts to add creative value across the real estate development chain.

Strong Network of Relationships

Over the years, Pragnya has developed a strong network of relationships with developers, consultants, contractors and financial institutions in specific regional markets. These relationships enable the Group to maintain and review a healthy inflow of deals, enhance value across various stages of project execution as well as expedite project delivery and ultimately put us in a position to facilitate distributions.