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Residential Projects, West Bengal

    Key Highlights
  • Investment Year : 2009 - 10
  • Fund : Pragnya Fund 1
  • Location : Barrackpore and Asansol, West Bengal
  • Developer Partner : Paharpur Cooling Towers
  • Current Status : Exited
Project Overview

Investment in a Joint - venture development company with Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd to develop two residential projects at Barrackpore and Asansol in West Bengal

    Genexx Towers, Barrackpore
  • The project is a pioneer in building the only organized residential complex in the area making it as an ideal upgrade proposition for buyers
  • The project will enhance the residential living lifestyle at Barrackpore, a suburb of Kolkata

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    Genexx Exotica, Asansol
  • Located at the heart of the city on the Grand Trunk Road. It is also adjacent to two high end residential areas of the city with easy access to education, shopping, entertainment and healthcare facilities
  • The first high - rise residential complex at the centre of city to provide 'urban luxury'

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